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Magyar Cardiovascularis és Intervenciós Radiológiai Társaság

Belépés | Regisztráció

Boston Scientific Intervenciós Akadémia

Participants criteria


  • Fluent in English
  • We are searching for Rising Stars, those who are relevantly new to the area, and have the interest and potential to become a KOL in the future, on endovascular therapies
  • Level of engagement is important and it is a prerequisite to attend at least 5 online sessions to be able to visit the live course

Agenda: The first phase will cover SFA treatment and include both online sessions, case discussions, and hands-on sessions


APRIL-MAY: Online Sessions. Scheduled each Thursday at 16.00 CET



JUNE: Hands-On Sessions. Upon the participation of the online sessions, the participants will be invited to one of the 3-day hands-on courses in a different country, to observe the cases and increase their know-how


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